February 24, 2008

It's been a busy February!!

I've been neglecting my blog again! How will I ever know what happened in my life when I get old and gray if I don't remember to blog!!!

There's been a lot going on here! Friday dh came home with 2 new additions to our family.

He's been begging since we lost Buck in May 2007 for a new hunting dog. I finally caved. The deal was he was going to get ONE German Shorthair. Does this look like ONE to you?! He said "I just couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I took them both and the one I don't want will go back." ROFLMBO! Right..bring home 2 adorable puppies for your kids to see, let them fall in love with BOTH of them, then rip one of them away. Well..I have accepted the fact that we have TWO new puppies. Honestly the kids really have stepped up to the plate and showed how responsible they can be. I just hope the honeymoon stage doesn't end anytime soon. What are their names? No clue..so far it's "The Girls" or "Thing 1 and Thing 2". We haven't come up with 2 names all 5 of us are happy with.

Last week the kids & I went to Omaha to meet my mom for our bi-annual kids weekend. We went to CoCo Key Water Resort and had a FANTASTIC time!! I highly, highly recommend going if you're ever in the Omaha area and have kids who love water as much as our kids do. We also did the whole The Amazing Pizza Machine while we were there too. Just a few pictures of that to share too. :)

A on lilypads

B on lilypads

W on lilypads

Kids on Wild Ride at The Amazing Pizza Machine

It's been a great February so far, but can someone tell Spring to come now? We really can't complain toooooo much because today and yesterday were beautiful, but I think that's about to change again.. UGH!!

Oops..one more bit of news before I forget. I found another part-time job. That makes 3. I am now also subbing at the local Headstart facility. Let's see how many balls I can get in the air at the same time hmm?