December 01, 2007

Little ice storm today

We had a little taste of winter today in the form of an ice storm. Nothing like we had in January, but it was a little reminder of how powerful mother nature can be when she wants to be! So the kids & I stayed inside today and had a pj day, something we haven't done in a very, very long time. I loved it, and the kids fought like caged animals all day. I am hoping the road condition clears up tomorrow and we'll be able to get out of the house, otherwise I don't think our house stands a chance of remaining standing.

I worked all 5 days this last week. I was BEAT! 4 days at school and 1 day for Matt. It was crazy!! I was only scheduled to work 1 day for the school, but ended up getting called everyday (even Thursday when I couldn't work I got a call from the school). Hopefully next week will be a bit lighter for me, though I am working on Monday. I think the paras are taking some days off to do a little Christmas shopping...which is making me wonder when I am going to do that too! And speaking of Christmas, the kids really have NO idea what they want this year. What do you get kids that seem to have everything under the sun?? I really am clueless. The stuff they say they want, I know they'll play with it for about 10 minutes then it'll get put in a toybox, never to see the light of day again.

Guess I'd better go get some laundry done. That's all I did today was wash clothes, 7 loads total. See..that's what happens when I work everyday. Crap doesn't get done at home. I honestly have NO CLUE how full-time working moms do it!!!