September 30, 2005

Kids!! AAAHHHH!!

Today was one of those days where I felt like running out of the house, jumping in the car and driving away, leaving my kids to fend for themselves! They were driving me batty!! Everyone (including me) needed a nap sooo bad but God-forbid if we would of layed down and missed 1 minute of constant bickering!! Im breathing a huge sigh of relief knowing they are all sound asleep upstairs.

There are a few things I feel I have to share! :)

Abby's imagination has gone through the roof the last couple of weeks. It's so fun to see. She imagines that there are deer and other wildlife in her path when she's riding her bike (and we all have to stop and wait for the animals to cross). The other day she pretended the front room of our house was full of Barbies (ROFL..that's probably wishful thinking) and she had to pick them all up and put them on the chair (seperately).

Wyatt had 2 really good days in preschool this week. That was sooo great to hear!! He's starting to participate and is starting to listen more! YEA Wyatt! Keep up the great work!!

Blaine is doing wonderful at school also. He does have his moments of Blaine rampage but he's "a joy to have" (quote from the teachers). We made an appointment with an ENT for him for next week. I really hope this dr. can help us determine what needs to be done for Blaine to help him breath better.

I finished a couple books the last few days, which felt wonderful! I felt like I was sliding into another book slump.

Troy has a sinus cold thing going on and has been a cranky bear all week. Now I know why he was a bear on Sunday, when I posted my last message. He came home miserable on Monday and has been living a slow death since then.

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