September 17, 2005

Fall is here

How can I tell?? Because the blackbirds have taken over all the walnut trees in my neighbors yard. They do this every year, for about a week every night right before dusk all the blackbirds in our town come flying in and land in the same 3 trees. Then one day they'll all take off and the sky will look completely black, and just like that they are gone until next year.

I hurt my thumb today pretty badly. I was getting on the floor to play with the kids and my thumb dislocated. It made an awful snapping sound and I looked down and it didn't look right, I jumped up right away and my thumb snapped back into place. Talk about pain! So Im typing this with only 9 fingers. I never realized how much I use my thumb until I can't use it!! I can't even turn on my car, I have to turn it on with my left hand. Just opening a door knob is very painful. Simple things like buttoning the button on my pants, pulling up my underwear, things like that are sooo painful!! It's starting to swell now, it wasn't before but I noticed about an hour agao that it's getting bigger. Im sure it'll bruise, if it doesn't I'd be suprised!! I can still move my thumb, so I know it isn't broken. It hurts from the middle of my palm, all the way around my thumb and 1/2 way to my wrist. O-U-C-H!! Abby was so cute, when it happened I started crying and yelling and Abby ran upstairs and got me a popsicle to put on it. She said "Here mom..this will help." I almost cried when I saw how much she cared.

Not much else is new, today was a pretty boring day. The kids & I went to Pamida, looked at some halloween costumes. Troy farmed all day. Im hoping tomorrow he'll have the good tractor and we can go for a ride. FINGERS CROSSED!!