February 20, 2006

02/20-More school crap

Thanks so much everyone for your support regarding our school problem. Things just keep getting worse. I *thought* I had our preschool situation straighted out. I talked to the ESU (Educational Service Unit) here in town, they have a preschool that is NOT connected to the school district and their prices were reasonable ($50.00 per month, per child for 4 days per week, 3 hours a day). BUT..this afternoon I got a call from Staci (thearapist & teacher now) and she told me some pretty bad things about that school (I don't know how she heard I had contacted them). So now Im clueless again. Staci wasn't just saying that because it's another school, she is 100% behind me and agrees that our kids should not be going to kindergarden, she told it to me friend to friend. Mardell (the woman who broke the news to me about the kids having to go to kindergarden..and she is 100% FOR this idea..so her & I are not seeing eye to eye) is suppose to call me any minute. I don't know what she's going to tell me, but Stacie told me to expect her phone call around 3pm, it's 3:05 now. I asked Stacie how many kids this BS is affecting and she said only your kids. GRR!! Troy & I are seriously considering NO school this coming year. Heaven help me if that happens, I've enjoyed my 2 day a week little break. I've been going out to the YMCA and working out and running errands..it's been nice, but if I need to give that up so be it.


This weekend was pretty low key, considering what we have been dealing with I welcomed it! On friday night Blaine started coughing and complaining of a headache. I didn't really give it much thought, but it seems to have gotten worse, especially the coughing and kept me up almost all night last night. So tonight I took him the ER..I know, I know..it definately didn't require an ER visit, but with our upcoming trip this week to see my mom the LAST thing I wanted was having to cancel because of sick kids, so I thought I'd better take Blaine in, get him on some meds if needed and keep an eye on the other 2 kids if it was indeed something that would make us cancel our trip.

So Blaine & I bundled up at 7pm (when dh got home from work) and headed to the ER. This is our 2nd trip there within the last year. It turned out to be pretty much nothing. The dr. said it *could* be the beginning of something, so he put him on antibotics just incase and gave him some cough meds with codine..ahh..he's been cough free since 8pm. He was literally coughing from the moment we walked into the ER until we left..non-stop!!