April 26, 2006

Dh on his way home!!

As of approx. 10 minutes ago dh was leaving the great state of MN and is on his way home! He should be *home* in about 4 hours! I can not wait!!! He said since he's coming in so early this morning he will NOT be going to work tomorrow! Y-E-A!!

Today was another real great day here. The kids had school this afternoon and left and came home in great moods! We played outside pretty much all afternoon until 9pm. We went for a little walk, picked tons of dandelions, etc. The weather was only in the mid 50's but it sure felt warmer then that. No wind, sun just beating down and not a cloud in the sky.

Im hoping to finish "The Ghost Orchid" this weekend. This is an awesome book!! Im completely lost on where the book will be going next and Im loving it! I can't predict it at all (so far)!!!