May 09, 2005

What Im reading..what I finished

I think I figured out how to put pictures in my posts, so now I can post a book cover jacket of what Im reading.

What Im CR:

Non-Fiction book about Kate Hepburn. It isn't a biography, more of a memorie. Pretty good, but Im anxious to finish it.


This will definately be a top book for me for this year! A non-fiction book about Lucy Grealy's challenge with jaw cancer and life in general. This was WONDERFUL!!!!!


OldRoses said...

"Kate Remembered" is a great book. And she was a great lady. Enjoy!

Jen said...

I admired her more after I finished the book. I enjoyed it, but I think I would of really loved it had I known more about the 30's-50's movies she was in and known more then what I did about the other actors from that time period.