July 07, 2007

Eye dr. update and loose tooth..

reading through my blog dated 06/21 I realized I forgot to update about my kids eye dr. appt.

A needs glasses, I wasn't to surprised since we were told that she would probably need them quite awhile ago by another eye dr. after her eye surgery. A isn't using her left eye at all, and her eye sight is 20/70. Pretty bad..

What surprised me was that W needed them too. His eye sight isn't to bad (20/40) but glasses are in his future also. And B needs to get tested for glaucoma (I think I spelled that wrong).

W also has a very loose tooth, VERY loose, it's hanging by skin. It's the front bottom. The adult tooth is coming up behind this loose tooth. The poor kid is destined for braces.

July 7

I couldn't think of anything jazzy to put as a title, so the date will have to do.

It's been crazy as usual here. The kids have been keeping me busy with swimming and a big range of other summer things (but the favorite is swimming). So with that said we've been spending a lot of time at the pool.

We did go through a little bout of sickness last week through, which kept the kids & I home for 1 week. It was HELL! Dh finally went to the dr. last Friday (he was sick too) and then I finally broke down and spent the $40.00 co-pay to take A & W to the dr. It ended up being sinus infection. I guess they had the darn sinus (ROFL..inside joke between a friend & I..I can hear ya laughin'.) A & W & dh are all better now, and somehow by the grace of God B & I were spared the illness.

So that was a week of staying home. Did I say it was hell?!?!

Our 4th was really fun. We (the 5 of us) went to a friends house and had supper and shot off fireworks. The kids caught fireflies and frogs. We had a wonderful time!

Yesterday (6th) I took the kids to a water park in a nearby town. We got there at 3:30pm and the park closed at 9pm. Yes..we were there until 9pm. Then the kids were so hungry they were going to eat eachother so I took them to McD. I've been to a lot of McD's and this one was by far the most high class one I've ever been to. McD trying to make a move toward the coffee shop industry? There was several big couches there, a few big comfy reading chairs. The booths were big and open, TV screens all over the place and there wasn't a kid atmosphere there at all. I felt out of place there w/ the kids. The food wasn't any better then regular McD though.

After that (it was about 9:30pm) I had to go to Walmart and get groceries. UGH! Ever take 3 kids into Walmart alone? It isn't for the kind hearted. At 10:30pm, darling dh (grrr..) calls me on the cell (remember..I am in Walmart, pushing 1 cart, pulling another cart and have 3 kids all wanting a place to sit down).
Dh: "Where are you?"
Me: "In hell..oh I mean Walmart.."
Dh: "Do you know where my remote is?"
Me: "What?"

Kids & I got home at 12:15am and the kids slept until almost noon today. That was really nice. It's been an extremely low-key day today. Dh had to work at the farm and the kids & I have done very, very little. Well..if you call 3 loads of laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, changing bed sheets and paying bills low key??