April 28, 2005


Ouch is right! Today I was putting one of my ds's into the car and turned wrong!! My lower back instantly felt numb and it began to hurt BIG TIME!! I was all excited about working out again tonight but I think Im going to have to take the night off. I really am bummed about that and no this isn't a lame excuse. Any advice on my back? Heating pad, ice pack, electronic shocker (yea I got one of those and it's GREAT for strained muscles), ibuprofen and go to bed?

Well..Im going to take a few ibuprofen, get my moist heating pad out and read for awhile then hit the sack (I hope the heating pad is the right thing to do). I am REALLY upset about not working out tonight, it's 10:30pm..the kids & Troy are fast asleep and I could EASILY squeeze in a work-out, take a shower and be in bed reading by midnight..but my body tells me I need to rest my back and Im PISSED!

Today was a really pissy day all around. We have 2 dogs and both of them ran away today. The ONLY reason I was putting my kids in the car today and hurt my back was to go chase one of those damn dogs!! I use to love dogs, and sometimes still do but something really changed in me after we had kids. I have NO patience for dogs anymore, especially dogs that DO NOT listen...and our dogs don't. At least not to me.

Im over 1/2 way through "Good Grief" and I may end up liking this book. My previous post complaint may have been written in hast, it's all starting to come together now but I have a feeling I know where it's heading..we'll wait and see.

Oh yea one more thing...regarding the Care Bear arm stuck in our tub drain post from a few days ago. The arm is gone. It must of went down the drain and is now sitting in our drum trap. Hopefully it won't cause problems down the road.

Adios Amigos! :)

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