May 14, 2005

Quick howdy!

Oh what a boring Saturday so far!! It's days like today that I wish we lived anywhere but here. There is NADA to do in this town! Maybe we could go watch dog shit turn white? That was a lot of fun last time.

Seriously the kids & I need to do something today. Im about ready to jump off the back of the couch if we don't get out of this house!!! Today being Saturday Im PRAYING that daddy calls and he says I can bring him lunch and then he'll take the kids for a tractor ride!! That would be wonderful!!

Haven't worked out since last time I posted saying I actually worked out. But I've been watching what I eat and keeping really busy with the kids. Kids are wearing me out lately and Im going to bed pretty early.

Just started this book yesterday afternoon. The reviews at Amazon are very mixed so it should be interesting. This is my first book by McCammon.

Im going to go sit by the phone and wait for daddy to call!