February 06, 2006

Snow/upcoming vacation/blah, blah, blah

Yesterday late afternoon it started to snow, big pretty flakes coming down. The kids went crazy and demanded to go outside at 5pm, so out they went. This morning they saw all the snow (less then 1", it'll be gone this afternoon and leave behind a muddy mess)and once again they all 3 demanded to go outside, so all 3 kids were outside by 8am this morning and played until 9:30ish. Nice little morning break, I got my grocery list done, made the beds, put away the clothes.

Last night I was up wayyy to late getting driving directions for our upcoming vacation. The kids & I are going to meet my mom in Omaha end of the month for a fun-filled kids weekend. Im kinda sick of always going to the same places, so I got some directions to some new places, the Children's Museum, Aquarium and another museum. Who knows if we'll actually go there, but at least it'll be a couple more options. Weather permitting I really want to go to the zoo this time, this is the last year the kids will get in for free.

I did get a couple more chapters of "When Joy Came to Stay" read last night. Im well over 1/2 way now. Im still enjoying it, but the plot is starting to drag some.

Let's see..what else. The kids have school today, so I'll be going to the Y to work out. I'm sure I'll just walk on the treadmill again. Jane might be there so hopefully the time will go by fast while we chat. I wish I could think of a way to beable to read while I walk (lol..kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone..lol), but when I was there last week I couldn't think of how I could do it. They do have a TV there, but don't get a lot of channels, most of them are FOX news, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Gotta go take a shower and give the kids a bath before preschool, Im cutting it close it's almost 10:30 already! And I gotta get lunch going. YIKES! Where did the morning go??!!??!!