September 29, 2006

Went swimming at the new YMCA!!

The swimming pool at our new YMCA finally opened today! YEA!! The kids & I went there at 5pm and tried out the new slide (well B&A did..W wanted NOTHING to do with the slide). They loved it, but I was slightly suprised when we only stayed for about an hour, they wanted to get out and go play the games in the family center. So we took a shower, and then went there for about 1/2 hour.

Our new YMCA is sooo nice!! It opened officially on the 18th and I've been going 4-5x a week. It'll be really nice once the TV's get hooked up in the cardio room. Dh found out this week that his employer is not offering the discount to join the YMCA next year as they have in the past (that's why we were able to join, the 20% discount was nice!!). So I don't know if we'll be members again next year. I hope we can, but I guess we'll have to wait until Feb (when our membership expires) to see.

I took W to the ENT today for a check up on his ears. The tubes are saying in for hopefully the next 6 months. Whatever was going on with his ears a few weeks ago (massive draining, sticking odor) is cleared up now.

September 27, 2006

Little update!

The kids had their 2nd t-ball game on Monday and both boys loved it. A on the other hand ended up walking off the field and playing in the dirt next to me while I watched daddy & the boys play. She just isn't into it at all. She wanted to go, she cried her eyes out when she thought she couldn't find her glove at the thought that she wasn't able to play. But we got there, she played for 15 minutes and that was it. She wants to join gymnastics, I wonder if that would hold her interest??

The new Y opened up last week and I've been going faithfully 5x a week (Monday-Friday). Working my ass off on the treadmill, and today I actually went 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer. I think that was to much, because that really wore me out. I think Im almost ready to move off the treadmill and stick to the arc trainer. My heart was really pumping and I worked up one heck of a sweat in 20 minutes!! Burned tons of calories too.

I have to update my side bar now. Then off to read for a few before I call it a night.

September 18, 2006

First sports activity!!

The kids had their first team sport activity tonight. T-ball sponsored by the local YMCA. It was from 5:30-6:30pm and the kids LOVED it!! The season goes for 6 weeks (Mondays only), so right to the end of October, it should be plenty cold out there by then, and Im sure myself..along with all the other parents will be sitting out on the cold bleachers with our parkas on!! I don't know why this activity is being held so late in the year!! BRR!!! Tonight it was 50° out and I was freezing!! But the kids had a blast! There are 10 kids in their class, all pre-k. It was so funny watching those little legs run around the bases, and everyone trying to catch the ball. Very funny!! I am sure I looked like a tourist, I was out there with my video camera and regular camera. LOL

September 06, 2006

Well it's been a long time since I updated..


Last Thursday my friend Janet was killed in a car accident. She left behind her very, very young 1 month old son Nathan. My heart is so heavy with sadness I can't even put it into words. Janet was my friend, though she was quite younger then me I still considered her my friend and I think she died not knowing that. The last time I saw her was July 17th, and she was heavily pregnant with Nathan. She looked beautiful, I knew without a doubt by watching her interract with my own kids that she would be a great mother. It breaks my heart that she had less then a month with her son. I won't go into details of what happened, because it's just to sad to think about and I know I won't need this blog entry to remember what happened. Tomorrow is Janet's Celebration of Life service. I really don't know if I have the strength to attend, but I will go. The kids & I went to her parents house last Saturday to bring over some sandwiches, etc and I *thought* I'd beable to give her mom another shoulder to cry on, but it ended up being me who needed the shoulder. I cried like a baby..Janet was to young, only 20 years old, to die. Last Friday was Janet's visitation and I didn't go. Mostly because I had the kids and didn't want them to have to go through that. They knew Janet too, and though I have been talking about Janet going to heaven, I don't think they quite understand. So instead of going to the visitation we went to the hospital to see her son. We were not able to see him, because we're not family and because of the kids, they couldn't go in the room because of germs, etc. So I just sat in the waiting room with the kids and talked to the nurses for awhile. Nathan was released from the hospital on Saturday to the custody of his father. I pray that his father realizes what a special boy he is raising because Nathan's mom was a GEM!!! I miss you so much Janet.

Im off to bed to try to sleep, but will probably just lay there and toss and turn.