May 27, 2005


A couple hours ago I was feeling "Excited" but now I am sooo exhausted! Getting ready for vacation is a full time job, especially when you have 3 kids to try to keep out of the way while you're packing!!

Right now I have the kids completely packed and Im ready to throw the 3 of them in the trunk with their luggage! Abby & Wyatt are fighting sooooooooooooo bad right now!! I had to take 2 minutes and sit down and write because if I don't I literally might pull my hair out!!

I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight beause I still have sooo much to do before we can go. My house is just a disaster (again trying to pack with 3 kids under foot is impossible). The kids have literally destroyed my house. I have dishes stacked, 1 load of laundry left to put away, floors to vacuum, floors to mop, get all the garbage out of the house, get everything in the front room so dh can start packing the car (he worked at the farm tonight), finish packing my clothes, get all the toys in the backyard put in the garage, drain the pool, pay all the bills, balance the check book and take money out of the savings account. I think that's it. I'll probably think of more at 3am when I finally lay down and try to go to sleep.

Post more tonight when the house is quiet and Im all done with my to-do list.