July 27, 2005

Beautiful weather!

It's been 3 days of just wonderful weather here in NE!! Monday the kids & I went to the fair (county fair) in the afternoon and spent 2 1/2 hours checking out the animals. My kids LOVED the sheep, they watched them get bathed and shaved. Monday night we went back to the fair to go on some carnival rides. The carnival workers were total assholes! The first thing that really pissed me off was my kids were on a little train. The moron train operator stopped the train, and Blaine & Abby got up to get off and Abby was almost off the train and the moron started it back up! Abby sat down and looked at me in a total panic. I calmly told her to stay sitting, but she was completely freaked out!! Why in Gods name did he stop it then take off again?? The second thing that pissed me off was my kids wanted to ride these motorcycles, the thing was practically empty but instead of giving each of my kids their own motorcycle to ride she put Blaine behind Wyatt. Blaine had no handlebars or horn! Needless to say Blaine was PISSED and scream/cried the entire ride. And the last thing that nearly made me hit a carney rat was Wyatt has some sensory issues and is very scared of the unknown. All 3 kids wanted to go in the Scooby Doo Mystery House, just a little fun house, walk through some punching bags, go up a little hill, slide down a little hill into a ball pit, climb out of the ball pit on a rope ladder, go across a ricktey old bridge and then go down a tube slide. The guy kept yelling at Wyatt "go that way". First I should say the worker only knew 4 words of english, "tickets" and "go that way". He was practically yelling at Wyatt to move and I finally said "He's a bit scared, give him a second" and I held Wyatt's hand through the bars (I was on the outside) and walked him through the punching bags, after the punching bags he wasn't scared anymore because he could see what was coming ahead of him. Funny part of that story is while he was screaming at Wyatt to keep moving and practically poking him with a hot iron poker, Blaine had gone through the entire Mystery house and snuck back in and went through again undetected by the psycho worker (hehe). I wasn't about to pay another 4 tickets so I kept my mouth shut. Regardless of all that, the kids had a great time and cried their eyes out when we had to leave.

They wanted to go back to the carnival yesterday and today but I think $30.00 for 7 rides (they all rode 7 rides) is enough damn money! Especially when 1/2 of the rides they went on didn't require any mechanics (gas, electricity, etc).

Yesterday we just stayed home and rested from a full day at the fair the day before. I caught up on laundry and did some housecleaning. The kids played outside in the beautiful 70° weather!

Today we went to the park, then the library. Got a couple movies for the kids but no books for me. I have a big enough stack here that is due back in a couple weeks!!

I've been working out every other night (gotta do that tonight if I feel up to it). I know I should do it regardless of how I feel, but blah. Maybe I need the hot iron poker??