September 20, 2005

What a mess!

Today the new carpet is being installed in our front room and the kids playroom. What a mess!! Tomorrow the new kitchen floor is being put it. I am sooo looking forward to getting this house back to some sort of organized chaos!! When this is all done Im going to treat myself to a massage! I soooo need it!!

Yesterday all 3 kids got to ride the school bus to school. Wyatt did poop on the potty last weekend, so he earned it, but Blaine didn't but I sent him anyway. I had to much to do (to prepare for this carpet BS) to take time out to drive him to school. They'll be riding the bus from now on, they all loved it. Even Wyatt who double hand waved to Troy & I goodbye when he left on the bus, that was soooooo cute!!!

I haven't had a second to read anymore of "The Mermaid Chair". Im going to have to start the book over because I can't remember what it's about anymore. Thankfully I wasn't to far into it. I think I have until Oct. 6th to get it done.

I made reservations today at the Holiday Inn in Kearney for the kids' b-day. My mom, the kids & I went there last month and had a great time on the slides. They'll love it!! Now I just have to find time to buy them some gifts!

That's it for now...

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