May 07, 2006

Darn cold vs. me..who will win?

Yep that's right..Im STILL sick! This is 1 week straight of coughing to the point of throwing up. UGH!!!

Today (after I realized I had consumed all the cough drops we have in this house) I went to the local store and bought some cough medicine. Im NOT one to take medicine whether it be over the counter or not, Im not one to get sick and I usually don't require any medicine, just ol' fashioned time and taking care of myself does the trick. So today I bought some Robitussin Cough meds. I must say..that crap works! I also bought some more cough drops. None of those yummy tasting kinds for me, if they are going to work, my theory is they must taste like crap. If I something that tastes like candy, I'll buy candy then.

On another note..

The weather outside wasn't too bad today, a little breezy and just a great spring day. Dh & I were talking tonight and we think this is the first *actual* spring we've experienced since we moved to Nebraska. I think I jumped the gun a bit when I did the flip of the kids clothes, I wish I wouldn't of packed all their sweatshirts away yet.