July 27, 2008

Dh brought camper back home yesterday

I think I forgot to mention that our camper was in the shop. On our maiden voyage we found some cosmetic flaws so the dealer was fixing it. Dh finally had a chance to go pick it up yesterday. YEA!! Seeing that thing come down our road made me want to go camping again sooo bad. I spent the day yesterday stripping bedding, and cleaing in the camper. I have the bedding all washed now and Im going to remake the beds today in hopes that we get to go out one more time before school starts.

School starts in 23 days!!!

July 15, 2008

Back from vacation

We recently got back from our maiden voyage with our camper. We had so much fun and 2 kids cried when we left the campground. They didn't want to come home. We were in Minnesota for 9 glorious days!! Everyday was an adventure filled with nothing but fun! I enjoyed sitting by the campfire and reading! :) The kids loved running around the playgrounds and fishing with dh. Dh enjoyed everything. We're ready to go back. Here's a few from many, many pictures.

34 days of summer vacation left already! Where is the summer going??