August 23, 2008

First week of school over

The first week of school is over already! It went by fast, but considering that it started on Tuesday and the kids got out at 1:30 everyday this week I guess it should of gone fast!! Personally I think the 1:30 dismassal is a joke, the kids no more then get there, they get a morning snack, eat lunch, have 3 (THREE) recesses and then they are home. No one is overly tired yet, but Im sure that'll change when they start their *normal* hours (getting out at 3:20 Monday-Thursday) after Labor Day.

While the kids have been in school I have been enjoying my time! I did work at the Middle School on Thursday which went really good and Im looking forward to working more again (I already have 4 more days scheduled in Sept/Oct.) and I spent two days this week with my friend Rachel and her 6 month old quads. They are soooo damn cute!!! I'll be with them again on Monday next week for sure.

It's a beautiful rainy Saturday today. The kids & I have nothing really planned today. We should go to church and clean and we should go to the grocery store. I should finish my current book too.