April 14, 2006

The hums of summer...

a/c & lawn mowers.

That's all we've heard the last couple of days. Today was really warm again, but Im hesitant to use the word "HOT". The temps were in the high 80's. We haven't turned on our a/c yet, but I really gave it some serious thought yesterday!! It's really cool downstairs in our basement, but the only one who wants to play down here is Wyatt! Blaine & Abby want to be out in the H-E-A-T!!

Dh didn't have to work today (Good Friday) and silly me, I thought he'd stay home today and be with us, but he didn't. He went to the farm instead, he came home for 45 minutes at lunch and it's now 7:50pm and he's still not home. I try not to complain to loud about this, because I know he's working to help support us. But it also makes me angry because he wouldn't have to work at the farm if he would just budget more. He is such a spender!! But like I said..I try not to complain to much to him about it, so you poor folks are going to have to hear me complain.

The kids have been fighting like crazy all day today. Abby is intentionally doing stuff to piss off her brothers and it drives me crazy.

I finished "Balzac..." today and now sneaking in a non-BC book. I got 2 more packages today with BC rings/rays and another ring sitting here on my desk. I'll get to them this month yet, but I need to read a little romance.

Off to go yell at kids again..I don't know what Abby & Blaine are doing upstairs but it's loud..