May 28, 2005


Whew..what a busy last several of hours.

Dishes done-check
Dishes put away-not yet but will do
Kitchen floor swept-check
Kitchen floor mopped-not yet but will do
Laundry done-check (last load folded just need to put away)
Vacuumed-not yet, will have to do tomorrow morning
Legs shaved-check
Everything packed and in car-check
bills paid-check
checkbook balanced-check
garbage out-last bag still in kitchen, will take out tomorrow am
kids outside toys in the garage-check
Emergency trip to the ER-check

Did ya catch that last one? Yep that's right, at 9pm tonight I ended up running to the ER with Blaine. Im not sure what happened, but I can only assume that he was running with a toy in his mouth and fell, putting a pretty big gash on the top of his mouth. Im NOT an over-reacting mother, so when Blaine came running into the bathroom (where I was because I was cleaning up the clothes, towels, toys, etc from bathtime) he had blood running (oops..I mean pouring) out if his mouth and nose. I quickly picked him up, grabbed the nearest towel and started wiping his mouth trying to find where the blood was coming from. At first I thought he had bitten his tounge off or something. I finally saw the gash and said, "ok that's where the blood from your mouth is coming why is all this blood POURING out of your nose?" I called Troy (who was working) and told him he'd better come home early because Blaine was bleeding pretty badly. After explaining to him what happened he did run home (he's more over-react then I am to be completely honest). By the time he got home Blaine's mouth was done bleeding, but his nose was still bleeding pretty steadily. So off to the ER Blaine & I went. Turns out that when he fell he hit his nose pretty hard on the floor (or something) and just got a really bad bloody nose. I still have NO clue what he had in his mouth when he fell (I can only assume he fell). I checked high/low for anything that was bloody (matchbox cars, lincoln logs, anything) but couldn't find a thing.

{{Sigh}}..and that's why this site is called "Tripletmomslife".