September 30, 2005

Great day!

Today the weather was a perfect mid 80° so the kids & I went to the park. We stayed there for 3 hours at least. It was great!! They picked acorns, chased frogs, watched butterflies, watched the trains and just ran around. This is the park we haven't been to since this spring and I honestly don't know why I don't take them there more often. It's so open that Wyatt can run and run and I really don't have to worry about him getting into anything. He gets about 1/2 city block away from me and comes running back.

It was just a great day! It's 10:30 now and believe it or not everyone (including dh) is sound asleep. Im going to go read some "A Fine Balance" and get to bed early too (hahahaha). I read a lot of that book last night and Im getting hooked!! :D

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