May 11, 2005

Nasty weather!!

3 out of the last 5 days we have experienced tornado warnings in our little town in central Nebraska. It's been a scary and crazy several days!! My kids had their first experience seeing hail and are now know when the sirens go off and mommy yells "GET DOWN STAIRS" they know Im serious.

We had to stay inside all day because there was pretty much a constant threat of rain, so while the kids destroyed their playroom and the rest of our basement I finished "Kate Remembered" by A. Scott Berg. You can read my review if you'd like at my web page (link is over there <------ somewhere).

I just started this book tonight and I think Im going to like it.

Well, we are once again in a tornado watch so I guess I'd better log off and watch the weather.

Toto..I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..