September 06, 2005

Update on dh's job hunt

Troy is on his way back from the airport, he left this morning for his interview at Lifecore Biomedical in Chaska, MN. I talked to him briefly on the cell and he said it went really well, at least he thought it did and he hoped to hear something from them one way or the other next week at the lastest. He said they said they would relocate us, and put us up in temporary housing until we found a house. YEA!! They didn't say anything about pay though.

My kids are driving me absolutely batty today. Tomorrow they go to school and it can not come soon enough! I got a little taste of freedom with them in school and now Im spoiled! Oh how in the hell did I survive almost 4 years w/o a break???? Seriously..I've been with them 24/7 for the last week and Im about ready to scream! They are so clingy today, while I type this Abby is literally hanging on my right arm. You'd think I'd been ignoring them all day by the way she's acting. We went to Kearney today, went to Target, went to K-mart then went to Goodwill where they each got a junk toy that they apparently couldn't live w/o. Troy's pissed because he just went to goodwill last Saturday and dropped off seriously a whole trunk load of we're bringing stuff back home from there! lol Oh well..they just got little petty crap that can easily be lost.

I finished my 4th book in the Mitford series last night (early this morning). I loved it. I think that's why Im so edgy today, I got crap for sleep last night because Troy couldn't sleep thinking about the interview today (even though he swears that wasn't why he couldn't sleep). Troy left the house this morning at 2:30am, and I finally fell asleep at 3:30am just to get woken up by the wild beasts at 7:30amish.

Gotta go pick up the house before Troy comes home. Hopefully I'll have a better update on Troy's interview in a couple hours when I have a chance to talk to him f2f, but he may just sneak in the door and go right to bed, which I wouldn't blame him one bit..he's had one heck of a looooooong day.

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