March 15, 2006

Real beautiful day!

And if the weather really does what the weatherman says it's going to do this was the last "nice" day we'll be having for about a week. Nothing but snow for the next 7 days. WOW..didn't we just have spring break last week??

Today I was hoping to just stay home while the kids were in school, but such luck. I went to Kearney and ran around town, and literally got home 5 minutes before the kids bus pulled into our driveway. I had to make a dr. appointment, went to check out the YMCA in Kearney (they have a great swimming pool that Im going to take my kids to maybe this weekend) and went to a USB and of course..picked up 4 new (to me) books. I came home and had another book waiting for me that I got off of ebay. So it was like Christmas while I surrounded myself with my new books! lol I need to get a bookbox or something together for bookcrossings so I can get some of these books I've already read out of the house. My little drawer under my computer desk is overflowing with books I've read.

Tonight the kids & I went to church, every wednesday (starting tonight) we are watching a video about the book of Matthew. It was wonderful. The kids played downstairs with Grandma Jane while I had 1 hour to watch a movie uninterrupted!

Not much else is new..Dh's elbow (that he had surgery on) is seeping some and I've been bugging him for 3 days now to get his ass back to the surgeon and have it looked at..typical male.."it'll be's just healing."

**Kim**..I know you're reading's seeping clear liquid mixed with very little red blood from the incision..should I be concerned?? He says it itches like crazy on the inside. It's leaking enough to where he needs to wear a band-aid.