August 06, 2008

13 days

I just can't believe it. 13 days until school starts again. The summer went crazy fast this year. I haven't even started school shopping yet, oh I take that back..I did buy the boys new backpacks.

My mom is coming down this friday to spend a week with us. We're really looking forward to her visit! The kids are super exicted to see Grandma Elmo.

I had to send my digital camera off to be repaired. The LCD screen went out and I've had to go back and use my ol' 35mm one. Boy has that taken some getting use to!

Somehow I got talked into helping with bible school this year. So my friend Jane came over this afternoon so we could go over the stuff. I feel so unorganized. Bible School is friday 1-5 and all day Saturday. Since my mom is going to be here visiting, my *plan* was to drop the kids off at bible school and then do some serious school shopping. I guess that went out the door, completely! As long as I get everything the kids need for the first couple of days all should be fine. I'll worry about buying the clothes while they are in school. Plans are meant to be ruined anyway right? Oh well..

And speaking of school, I got a call on Monday and my first day of subbing is the 21st. Yea..two days after school starts I'll be subbing already!!