October 04, 2005

Very quick!!

I have been spending wayyy to much time online the last couple of days! So this post is going to be very quick and then Im going to go fold laundry and then read.

It was a really good day here today, the temps were up in the afternoon and then a front went through and it went from 89° to about 60° in a matter of minutes. It poured, and I mean POURED rain for about 20 minutes.

Not much else to say today. Tomorrow the kids are going to preschool. I was hoping that I would spend the day vegging out in front of the TV, but I remembered this afternoon that sunday is the kids b-day and I haven't boughten a thing. I know what to get Abby..a Barbie doll house and some Barbie clothes, but Im totally clueless about the boys. Who knows..maybe I will decide to stay home tomorrow and then tomorrow night I'll make a run to Walmart after the kids go to bed. That sounds like a better idea then trying to find something here in town. I'll probably do that.