September 17, 2008

"The Almost Moon" by Alice Sebold-giveaway

Cheryl's Book Nook is giving away FIVE copies of this book! This book is up there on my wishlist and Im hoping to win a copy! You could win one too!! Head over there and sign up!!

This morning..

at 6:15am I am woken up by *W* screaming "MOM!! Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry!!!" I jolt up, run to his bedroom (not there) and yell "Where are you?" I hear the toilet flushing and run to the bathroom. I open the door and see *W* standing by the toilet, with his feet wayyyyyy in the corner and I look down and I am met at the door by fecal matter, toilet paper and gushing water. It takes me a second to realize what is going on and the first thing that goes through my mind is "This is more then a 1 Bounty sheet job..." After using every towel in our house and a little dry heaves I think we've learned our lesson. You don't need to use an ENTIRE roll of Charmin Double Roll, and if it doesn't go down on the 1st flush or the 2nd flush, yell for mom BEFORE you hit the 5th flush.