April 24, 2005

Boring day

What did we (kids & I) do today? NADA!! It was one of "those" days. I woke up to my son Blaine screaming in the kitchen wanting breakfast and my other 2 kids laying on/with me in my little tiny full-size bed. UGH! So I woke up stiff, sore, and feeling like I got no sleep. I don't know how long they were in bed with me, but it must of been awhile because I couldn't feel my legs for a minute because of being stuck in 1 position most of the night, which was an uncomfortable one!

Wyatt (one of my ds) & I got into it this morning again about him peeing on my floor! GRRR!! He knows he has to use the potty, but instead sneaks his penis out of his pants and uses my floor as his own personal urinal. So as I said it was one of "those" days when a parent feels like running away, very far and very fast.

My neighbor on the south side of me has been planting flowers in about 50-60 pots for the last 2 days. I swear she had at least 100# bag of potting soil yesterday she was working with and enough flowers to decorate an entire cemetary. As of 20 minutes ago she had less then 1/2 of the bag of potty soil left and still had at least 15 un-potted pots laying around her feet. Her & her newlywed husband live in a very tiny home, Im guessing there is only 1 bedroom (and definately no basement) because of the size of it. Im trying to figure out where she is going to put all these potted flowers!! I'll keep ya posted.

The neighbor on the north side of me was outside today working in his yard with his level. Don't believe me?? Come and watch. And our yard looks like a recent battlefield. Troy likes to give the kids a ride on his 4-wheeler which has left a nice completely round cirlce of nothing but dirt right in the middle of our yard. Our yard looks like crap, while our neighbors all around us take so much pride in their yards. The neighbor across the street actually came over last year and proceeded to rip up big parts of our grass in the front yard (which is the ONLY good looking grass we have) to show us the grubs and what they were doing to our yard. I felt like saying "You want to see what is destroying our yard? Take a peek in the backyard! Three wild pre-schoolers and all their necessary outdoor *stuff*. Oh well..

I got about 5 pages read of "Good Greif" By Lolly Winston last night. I think Im going to enjoy this book and Im looking forward to the BNU discussion in eary May. Either the 2nd or the 5th..I forgot.

Im planning on working out with Sharon Mann for 1/2 hour tonight after the kiddos & Troy are in bed. I need to drink more water today, lucky if I got 8 oz. so Im off to chug some H2O.


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