April 25, 2005

Typical crazy day

Today was a pretty normal day at our house. Kids were really good today and between the 3 of them they only had 1 accident on the floor. Please God let this be a sign that we are making some progress in potty training!!

Dh didn't farm tonight (YEA!!) so I was really hoping that I'd beable to get the grocery shopping done and run some errands ALONE. No such luck..he came home from work and said "Let's go grocery shopping." I said "All of us?" He said "Yea." Now..I'd rather have a root canal w/o pain meds then take my 3 kids grocery shopping, but I sucked it up and we went. I won't give you a play by play of our Wal-mart trip. I'll just say we did grocery shopping in record time and I only forgot a couple things..not bad!

Then we went to Burger King w/ a playland to feed the hungry monsters and let them play. There was a little boy there around the age of 10 playing also. He kept making this annoying high pitched noises in my son Wyatt's face. Wyatt has some sensory issues to loud, abrupt noises so he started to wail. I sat there wondering why the little boy's mother wasn't saying anything to her son. I then realized she was deaf and totally unaware of what was going on. I know some sign language but not enough to tell her "Your son is being completely inappropriate in there..please tell him to SHUT UP! He's scarying the hell out of my son." So I told the little boy to please stop making that noise, he was scarying the other kids". He stopped for a couple minutes then started up again. So we left.

It's now 11pm and Im waiting for dd to go to bed!! GRRR!! She fell asleep on the way to Walmart so had an hour nap! GRR!! I NEED to work out tonight. I didn't get to last night because I spent an hour trying to get a plastic Care Bear arm out of our tub drain, w/o any success. Thank God the tub is draining still, slower then ever but it is draining. Im hoping somehow by the grace of God that the arm eventually floats back to the entrance of the tub drain where I can grab it. Right now it's sitting way in the back of the drain.

I got a lot of "Good Greif" by Lolly Winston read on our way to/from Wal-mart (it's an hour trip 1 way). Im on page 90 something now and Im enjoying it. Hoping to read more of it tonight after I work out.

More tomorrow! :)


A. Estella Sassypants said...

Your handling of the annoying kid was admirable!!! Ever watch SuperNanny??? lol Sorry, the crazy Burger King kid reminded me of some from SuperNanny last night. Makes me wanna have my ovaries remooooved!!!

Jen said...

Andi-I LOVE SuperNanny!! "You've been very naughty.." lol Thanks for telling me I handled it well, I wanted to strangle the kid but didn't like the thought of spending the night in jail. j/k..maybe..