April 11, 2006

Oh ugh!!

Tonight I was upstairs making supper and B comes up the stairs with his hands covered in red chunks and smelling like a cherry. I knew exactly what had happened. He got a hold of my candle that I keep way up high above my computer desk (obviously moved a chair and climbed on it to get it..with dh sitting not 5' away) and started digging (and I mean DIGGING) into my candle. I came downstairs to see the damage..oh my god..red candle wax all over my computer desk (which was THANKFULLY locked) and all over the wall next to my computer desk. What a fucking mess.

A robin is building a nest behind the backboard on our basketball hoop. Should be a pretty interesting spring/summer watching the little robins. :)

Not much else new today. I had planned on taking the kids to kindergym today and meantime workout on that damn treadmill, but didn't make it there. My sleeping is completely out of wack and has been for the last several months. I need to do something about that, Im sick of laying in bed..wide awake yet at 2am and then trying to function being a parent at 8am. Any sleeping tips are greatly appreciated. I tried Sominex (I think??) for a week, a month ago and it didn't help at all.