May 09, 2005

What Im reading..what I finished

I think I figured out how to put pictures in my posts, so now I can post a book cover jacket of what Im reading.

What Im CR:

Non-Fiction book about Kate Hepburn. It isn't a biography, more of a memorie. Pretty good, but Im anxious to finish it.


This will definately be a top book for me for this year! A non-fiction book about Lucy Grealy's challenge with jaw cancer and life in general. This was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Well it's been awhile!!

WOW..I didn't realize how much time has passed since I last posted.

Sadly there hasn't been a heck of a lot going on. Same ol', Same ol'. Our trip to Minnesota has been pushed back a week, so instead of leaving on the 21st, we'll be leaving on the 28th. Which I guess is a good thing because now I have an extra week to hit my jean size goal!! lol

I haven't worked out in about 4 days because I have AF. I know that shouldn't be an excuse, but all I feel like doing is being really lazy. I have cramps really bad today and Im HOPING that today is the last day of this bloody bitch. Now that Im posting again, Im determined to start working out again.

My boys had their 6 month evaulation by Early Childhood Development last week. Blaine still qualifies for services, but since he has improved so much his therapist is now on a consulation only basis. Wyatt still has some hurdles to overcome.

Last week we thought dh was going to loose his full-time job. Things were really scary for all of us last week when Monday his boss told him he was going to have a meeting with him on Friday. Dumb-ass gave us a whole week to freak out!! Troy's job is still literally in limbo, but I think things are going to be ok.

The weather has been fairly nice lately, last week it was pretty cold here with temps only in the 50-60°'s. On Saturday we were in a tornado warning in the afternoon with a tornado only 4 miles from our house. Thankfully it never touched down and left our area just as quickly as it came. The kids did think it was pretty neat to see the hail coming down (before the sirens went off..once they started going the kids & I high-tailed it to the basement).

Our neighbors oldest son got married this past weekend and we took care of their cat (at their house). WOW is there house nice!! Someday when my kids are long gone and out of our hair (and our I hope our house can look that nice. Everything was just perfect and everything was in place.

Well that's about last week update in a couple paragraphs.