May 25, 2005

Odd day..

Today was a very odd day. In the am the kiddos & I went for a walk, them on their bikes, me following. On the way home there's an old guy (I'd say mid-late 70's) puttering around in his garden. He saw us coming and walked out to say Hi (nothing odd about that, he does it almost everytime he sees us, his name is Bob). He talked to the kids about their new bikes, they babbled to him about who knows what and then we said goodbye. About a block later I see Bob coming up behind us also on his bike. I said "Hi you think it's going to rain today?" He said "It might.." and then he stopped his bike and stared (sp?) at the kids. To break the silence I started talking about the rain possibilty. He then handed me an envelope and said "here, please take this." Me (startled, and a bit alarmed) said "No Bob, I don't need anything from you." He said "Please, I love watching them walk by my house, buy them something." How could I say no to this sweet old man who obviously gets great joy from my kids simply riding by his house almost daily and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I took it. When we got home I opened the envelope and inside of it was 3 20.00 dollar bills. The guy gave my kids $60.00!! Im still shocked and stunned.

Tonight Troy & I cut Wyatt's hair. Oh boy what a chore! Last time we took him to get his hair cut by a professional Wyatt was in a complete uproar (nothing out of the ordinary with him, he hates getting his hair cut but we've always been able to hold him down..I know that sounds harsh and yes it is as bad as you're picturing) so they refused to cut his hair, leaving Troy & I to do it. We have to wait until Wyatt is completely asleep, he won't even let us come near him with a scissors. I am covered in hair and itch like mad! A shower is definately on my list after I finish this post!! I hope Wyatt gets over this fear really soon, otherwise he is in for a lifetime of teasing because of Troy's chop-job.

Funny dream I had last night. I kept having a repeating dream of being chased by the devil. And the devil was Jack Nicholson, you know the actor! lol It was bizarre, "Jack" kept chasing me around my hometown trying to get me in his car and I kept telling him "go back to hell" and *poof* he'd be gone and then he'd be back, one time he came back with a plastic halloween mask on. Werid huh?? It gets werider. The last thing I remember I ended up in a church with a whole bunch of old woman praising and singing to God, then I woke up. I was standing in my kitchen doing dishes (right after I woke up..still in pj's) and started singing the song that was in my dream. I can't remember it now, but I wish I did. That dream has to mean something!! Any ideas??

I started this book yesterday and Im only on page 28. The book is putting me to sleep, literally. I sat down to read it today while the kids were watching some TV and fell asleep! I woke up to my friend Jane standing over me saying "Jen..are you asleep?" And my kids THANKFULLY glued to the TV. about a startle and being embarassed! I said "I guess so! Thank God you woke me up!!" Jane has an open door policy at our house, if our house is unlocked she comes right on in. Thank God she did today..lord knows how long I would of slept. I read 1 paragraph and was in la-la land. Im still hoping to be done by Friday night, so I can take a fresh book with me on vacation, but the chance of that happening are looking pretty slim.

Off to take a shower!!