May 20, 2006


It's been a busy week here in the triplet household!!

Tuesday we went to a picnic at the kids preschool. It was an end of the year party for all the kids and their families. What a HUGE turnout!! We had to bring meat, I made 30 ham sandwiches and I should of made 30 more! There were sooo many people there! One of the teachers said that every child and family were there. I guess school really is ending.. :( Monday is there last day.

Wednesday while the kids were at preschool, I got new tires put on my car..491.00 later, (UGH!) my car doesn't shake and rattle anymore, so it definately needed to be done.

This past Thursday Jane & I took the kids to the circus. They LOVED it!! W cried his little eyes out when we had to go, it broke my heart. He screamed and clapped the entire time. Today (Saturday) he was STILL begging to go back.

Today the kids & I went to the park and all 3 kids played and ran around the bases at one of the baseball fields. They had such a GREAT time!!

The weather has been super, super hot all week. On Friday the kids played in their pool for the first time. I filled it up, and they jumped right in. The original "plan" (term used lightly around was to fill it up and then AFTER lunch they could swim, so the water could warm up. But they didn't seem to mind the cold water, since it was 97° out!! I had to re-fill it 2x because they kept putting mud in it. Im glad dh & I have decided to wait and pull out our "BIG" pool in a few more years. I think at least 2 more years before they are ready for that pool. We also have to put in a cement slab before that pool goes up too.

Tomorrow is our 12 year wedding anniversary!! Dh is NOT working! YEA!! Im not sure what (if anything) we'll do. We're not getting a babysitter so whatever we *do* do it'll be a family thing.

Monday dh leaves for KY for the entire week. UGH!! He leaves early, early (2am early) Monday morning and gets back around 1pm on Friday. I am NOT looking forward to this be prepared for a few "pity posts" from me next week.

Gotta go update my side bar now, but I'll end this post with a quick prayer request.. WE NEED RAIN!!!!


tanabata said...

Happy Anniversary Jen!!!! :o)

Jen said...

Thanks Nat! :)