May 23, 2006

My hat goes off..

to all single parents!! How do you do it??!

I have a friend who has quads, the same age as my kids and she is a single parent. I think of her sooo often when dh is gone on business trips. I don't know how she does it..honestly I have no clue!!

Dh has been gone now for 2 days, and Im beat. No I take that back..Im dead tired. My kids have been keeping me hoppin'!!! I have spent more time in the kitchen today then I ever have trying to keep 3 bellies full. Im starting to think they are just asking for food to see me work, even though they are eating everything they are asking for. They are bottomless pits today!!

I just want 15 minutes to sit down..that's it. Well I can hear the troops hollerin' for more of something. OMG am I exhausted..

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