May 12, 2006

Big milestone for W!!!

W hit a huge milestone yesterday! He got his haircut by a professional!! Kiera at Cost Cutters is the best! It's a good thing that's the ONLY place our entire family goes to get our haircut, so everyone there knows the struggles we've had with W. Until yesterday he wouldn't even SIT in a chair, but Kiera did it!! I could of kissed her!! :) He ended up having to sit on my lap, but that was totally fine with me!! What a big boy!! He loved getting his hair cut and I *hope* he will continue to enjoy it!! :) Did I say Kiera is the best??!! They were soo busy there (graduation this weekend) and I just wanted to see if I could get W to sit on a chair, he wasn't scheduled to get a haircut. He (umm..we) got on the chair and Kiera talked him into letting her just trim it. She started snipping and I said "You can't stop now.." She said "I won't" I said "Im sorry..I know you're busy" and she said "We've worked a looong time to get him to this point, the others will have to wait..this is as big of a deal to us (cost cutters employees) as it is to you & dh." Did I say she was the BEST!!!

Today was a fantastic day here in Nebraska. The temps were in the 70's. The kids & I went to the library and then went to the school park. They had soo much fun, but were exhausted by the time we left. B actually asked to go home after an hour. lol The boys are sound asleep but my little nightowl is still wide awake, watching "Jungle Book 2" which sounds like it's ending I'd better hurry up and finish this up. :)

Tomorrow we have a graduation party for a girl down the street and Sunday (Mother's Day) is graduation for the seniors. We have another graduation party in the afternoon.

Speaking of Mother's Day :)) I got flowers today. Red/white carnations with 3 red roses. :) And a card saying I am a wonderful (underlined 3x) Mom! :)

Im almost done with "More then You Know" and it's a really good book so far, Im having trouble trying to figure out how old the main character is. The year references are hard to follow because the story goes back and forth from the present to the past. I should have it done this weekend.

Ok A is demanding some serious mom/daughter time. :D

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