May 10, 2006

Went to the dr. today

Today I went to the dr, just for a chueck up and to have some bloodwork drawn. No problems folks, I'll be blogging for the next 40-50 yrs. :)

Yesterday the kids had their last day of mock preschool at the high school. Then to celebrate their graduation we went out for ice cream and went to the park. Later we went to the YMCA so I could work out and the kids had a BLAST playing upstairs and later playing with balls in the racquetball court. There were lots of kids there, so lots of kids to play with.

Im still fighting this cold, but haven't coughed to the point of throwing up in a couple I think I'll live. :)

The weather has been in the average temps (mid 70's) so we've been outside a lot enjoying the nice weather. Only 3 more days of preschool. :(

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