April 13, 2006

The heat is on..

WOW was it (and is it) hot outside today!! It's hard to believe that on March 21st we had 17" of snow and today the temps were in the 90's!! Funny how things change in just a few short weeks.

Today the kids & I missed kindergym (again). I've really been debating how I should be dealing with this. I know most of it is my fault because Im not getting out of bed in time to get them out of bed, dressed, fed, etc and still make it to kindergym by 9am. So I emailed some friends of mine and asked what I should do. Should I..

a) forget all morning activities and just let us all sleep in.
b) am I doing more harm then good on letting my kids sleep in. Should I get them on a wake up schedule.

My friend Krista said it best.."ENJOY IT!! because pretty soon you'll be HAVING to get up early". Her boys have to get up by 7:20am (NO LATER) to make the bus on time at 8am. So Im going to let kindergym and any other morning activities slide unless we are wake and ready to go. Im not going to stress about it. Especially this summer because the kids want to be outside until dark and they are so exhausted from the fresh air that getting them up early the next morning really is a struggle.

Well it's 6:30pm, I gotta go find something to make for supper. Will blog more about our busy day today later.

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