April 21, 2006


Today was a pretty good day. The weather was really perfect (mid 70's, no wind, nice sunshine). The kids & I played outside most of the day. We went to the library to return some videos, got a few different videos and a few books. I bought a book from the library book sale "Manhunt" by Evanovich. i haven't read anything by her, but I've heard nothing but good things about her writing.

Dh is at the farm now and should be calling VERY soon (it's 8pm) saying he's on his way home. Planting started 04/19, so he's going to be very busy out there helping out for awhile. Dh leaves on Sunday for another business trip, this time to TN. He'll be back on Wednesday. So it'll be a long week for me.

Tomorrow the kids & I are going to Kids Expore with Jane. Dh will be working at the farm until 6pm (he promised he'll leave at 6pm, so he can spend some time with us before he leaves on Sunday), we'll see if he really does get out of the farm then..it has yet to happen that he actually comes home when he says he will. Again..I try not to complain..

Not much else happened today, pretty ho-hum..

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