January 04, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Yes I made a few, and some I am actually going to keep.

1-Seriously go through the kids bedroom, toyroom and computer room closet and clear out all broken/not played with toys and get rid of them! This WILL be done by the end of May (before kids get out of school, and said above toys become a prized possession once they realize where the toys are going).

2-Find a GREAT computer program that makes DVD movies. Every year I keep telling DH I want to make a DVD movie of the kids for the grandparents for Christmas. This year I AM going to do it!! If you know of any such programs, PLEASE let me know! I did do some looking at Office Max last week and was not impressed with what they had there. I am not looking to get director of the year award, I just want a program I can use still pictures and little pieces of video with backgroud music and/or video audio.

3-Keep better in touch with my MN friends. I miss them all terribly and it's a shame that I don't do better in keeping in touch.

4-And of course the ol' standby for women. Exercise and healthy eating (aka..loose weight or die trying). I was doing so well last year at this time with this, and I completely fell off the wagon this past fall with me working. I guess another resolution for me should be time management!!


Cathrine said...

:) good luck
I also gained a few pounds when I started working
(stress leads to hormones that cause us to gain weight)
try to eat every 3 hours
and stay clear of carbs ;-) !

Jen said...

That's exactly when I gained too C! I started working in September and poof..I blew up. :(