January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!

A few days late, but what the heck. Since I didn't do it last year, I'd better do it now while I think about it...

2007 year in review

Of course the biggest news of last year was the kids starting kindergarten. They love it and I was glad to see them go. It honestly wasn't a hard transition at all for me. I was ready for them to go, because they were ready to go. We had some trials at the beginning with W, but now things are going great and with only 2 days left of Christmas vacation I am REALLY ready for them to go back.

Another big news is that I found 2 part-time jobs that I do enjoy. It's great finding not one job, TWO that will work around my kids schedule!! Working for the school is great, the flexibility and change in enviorment is exactly what I was hoping to have, and I have it. And my 2nd job working for my old boss (B4 kids) is going great too. The best part of me working these 2 jobs is now dh isn't working at the farm NEARLY as often as he was. It feels more of a family atsmosphere around here with him more around. I am glad that I am finally able to contribute more our family financially.

It was a good 2007.

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