July 07, 2007

Eye dr. update and loose tooth..

reading through my blog dated 06/21 I realized I forgot to update about my kids eye dr. appt.

A needs glasses, I wasn't to surprised since we were told that she would probably need them quite awhile ago by another eye dr. after her eye surgery. A isn't using her left eye at all, and her eye sight is 20/70. Pretty bad..

What surprised me was that W needed them too. His eye sight isn't to bad (20/40) but glasses are in his future also. And B needs to get tested for glaucoma (I think I spelled that wrong).

W also has a very loose tooth, VERY loose, it's hanging by skin. It's the front bottom. The adult tooth is coming up behind this loose tooth. The poor kid is destined for braces.

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Cathrine said...

hugs ! lots to deal with there. Many cool glasses out now. They will be proud :-) ! Love C