September 29, 2006

Went swimming at the new YMCA!!

The swimming pool at our new YMCA finally opened today! YEA!! The kids & I went there at 5pm and tried out the new slide (well B&A did..W wanted NOTHING to do with the slide). They loved it, but I was slightly suprised when we only stayed for about an hour, they wanted to get out and go play the games in the family center. So we took a shower, and then went there for about 1/2 hour.

Our new YMCA is sooo nice!! It opened officially on the 18th and I've been going 4-5x a week. It'll be really nice once the TV's get hooked up in the cardio room. Dh found out this week that his employer is not offering the discount to join the YMCA next year as they have in the past (that's why we were able to join, the 20% discount was nice!!). So I don't know if we'll be members again next year. I hope we can, but I guess we'll have to wait until Feb (when our membership expires) to see.

I took W to the ENT today for a check up on his ears. The tubes are saying in for hopefully the next 6 months. Whatever was going on with his ears a few weeks ago (massive draining, sticking odor) is cleared up now.

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