July 29, 2006

County fair & suspecious neighbors??

Well if I've ever needed a comment on a blog this is it! I'll start with my suspecious (sp?) neighbor.

The other day I was outside watching my kids play, standing on our deck and saw one of our new neighbors Mid 20 year old male, walk to a car in the driveway. He sat down in the driver seat and got out a 8" long plastic tube (the tube reminded me of what you get at christmas filled with m&m's and is shaped like a candy cane..you know the top comes off and the clear plastic tube is what the candy is in). He sat in the car, lifted the plastic tube to his mouth, then held the tube outside the car and repeated. I know it wasn't something he was drinking, because he didn't tip the plastic tube up and I don't believe he had a straw (confirmed my first thought that he was using the tube as a drinking cup). So what do you think? I seriously almost called the police, but we are the ONLY people who can see into this back yard, no one else could..so if we *did* call, they (the people who live there) would know who reported suspecious activity. What would you do? Call? Look for more activity before calling?

Now to the County fair.. Kids & I had a BLAST!! Before we went to the carnival we went to the fair that morning. The kids were sooo anxious about riding the rides (which were not open yet) that we decided to walk down the midway and take a peek at the rides. Ok..imagine..me, overweight, overstressed, been in the sun all morning, mid 30 year old woman, being pulled by 3 4 year olds. Ok..got that picture. Now imagine a 55+ year old carnival worker (I'd use the term rat, but might get flamed for that) watching us walk past. Can you see where this is going?? You can't? Well neither did I! The damn man hit on me!! OMG I nearly fell over laughing. I won't go into word/word dialect, because this post is big enough already, but let me just say I am still laughing thinking of it.

Also..have you ever wondered how to get a longer ride out of a carnival ride? Well..now I know. Kids & I were in line for the tilt-a-wheel. A man and his wife/girlfriend/sister (whatever) were standing in front of us. We were waiting for our turn. The worker said "Ah shit..Im out of smokes!!" The man in front of me said "Here.." and pulls out a few from his own pack and hands it to the worker. The worker said "Oh god thanks man..I'll pay you back right now." The ride ends, the next group of riders gets on (including kids & I and man & his riding partner). OMG..I shit you not..we were on that ride forever!! Long enough that my throat was sore from screaming!! So bring a pack of cigs with you to a carnival!! Give them to the carnival operators like they are candy!!

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