June 17, 2006

Back from vacation

We got back on Thursday and in true fashion, we came home sick.

A started to complain about an ear ache Thursday night, and I started coughing earlier that week and it hadn't let up at all. So to the dr. her & I went. I have broncitis (sp?) and Abby has fluid behind her ear. It wasn't infected yet, but thankfully she told me her ear was hurting and I believed her enough to have it looked at before it got to that point.

So Im on 3 different meds, A is on antiboticis.

We had a great vacation, I'll post the whole rundown when Im up to it.

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

Awww, sorry y'all aren't feeling well, but I'm glad you're home safe! Can't wait to hear about the vacation!