March 07, 2006

Nothing to do with school!

I thought it would be fun to blog one entry that didn't have anything to do with school issues! :)

The last several days have been sooo nice here! Unbelieveable nice with temps in the 60'70's and the kids & I have been taking full advantage of this nice weather! The last several days we've gone to the park, played outside and even went for ice cream and ate it outside (in March!!). Tomorrow the forcast is rain, which will be nice because we need it soo bad.

Dh had surgery on both his arms last week (did I mention that?). He had golfers elbow in his right elbow, and tennis elbow in his left elbow. And he doesn't even play these sports?! Anyone who knows my husband is probably dieing from laughing reading this, just thinking of shorts! And on either a golf green, or the tennis court! My hubby is much more comfortable in camo hiding in the woods. :) So he's still mending. His right elbow is pretty much back to normal, but his left one he still wears in a sling. He goes for his post-op appointment on Thursday. And hopefully starts therapy for his left elbow.

Wyatt was suppose to have his post-op appointment today for his adenoid/tube surgery, but it was cancelled, so I have to re-schedule that sometime in the future. Oh great another thing to TRY to remember to do.

I finished an AWESOME book! "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. I highly recommend this book to ANY book lover! It was bigger then books I normal tend to gravitate to, but I didn't give the size of the book another thought once I read the first page. AWESOME and probably will be the best book for me this year!!

Im starting "SAHM I Am" by Meredith Efken tonight. I think this is going to be a quick read for me, it's all in email format with a subject matter I can totally relate to. :)


tanabata said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog!
I'm glad Troy's op went well. I passed on your greeting to the 'bookmates'. And I've only just started 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' but I'll let you know. :)

Kim said...

Hey Jen,

I recently finished SAHM I am and loved it..would be thrilled to here what you say.


Tina said...

Jen - glad Troy's surgery went well. Hang in there with the school stuff! We are thinking of you and always wishing good things work out!