March 06, 2006


And today Mardell called me to set up the IEP meeting and she's STILL saying that the boys won't beable to attend preschool. She said "We want to have this IEP meeting soon so we can decide what school you'll be sending the boys too so they can continue to receive service."

THIS WOMAN IS PISSING ME OFF!! She obviously thinks Im stupid and seems to think that she can pull this shit!! I still have a strong feeling that this will work in OUR favor, not HERS! Im still clueless on what is going to happen to Abby. I went to the preschool today and talked to 1 of the teachers there and asked her if she thought the boys would backslide if Abby was removed from their classroom next year. She said "I think it would benefit the boys." I said "That's not what I wanted to hear." She said "I understand your concern, and I totally see your point, but Abby does mother the boys quite a bit and that may hinder them from achieving more." {{SIGH}}

So the IEP meeting is next week, either Wednesday or Thursday. That gives me 1 week to get all my concerns regarding removing Abby from the classroom together. And it gives me 1 week to get in touch with all the other IEP members and get a feel of what they think regarding both the boys and Abby..I don't want there to be any suprises. Im doing my homework and miss my "bookmates" terribly!! I hope all of you are doing good!!


Tina said...

Jen - sounds like some rough times! Give em hell and don't back down from what you know is best for the kids!

Missing you, but very glad you have this blog so we can check in and know what is going on!

Jen said...

Thanks Tina! Please give our "mates" a hug from me! I thought about popping in and saying "Hi" today, but Im just not quite ready for that yet. Still soo much emotionally going on that my mind can't comprend.

Kim said...


I agree with Tina..give em HELL! I've been thinking about you and wondering how thing were working out.
I am glad I check here and I send you a hug and ones for the kids too.
Are you able to read?????

Jen said...

Yes Kim I have been able to read! THANK GOODNESS! If I spend to much thought on this school crap I start getting migraines! It's seriously making me mentally ill. I just finished a GREAT book. Check out my side bar for my review for "Inkheart". It was fantastic!!

Teresa said...

Thanks, Jen. We miss you too and are right there behind you.

Love, Teresa

Jen said...

Thanks Teresa! All of you are the best!