March 27, 2006

Maniac Monday

What a crazy day! The bus was late picking the kids up for school which just threw my whole afternoon. Well maybe I should start by saying dh came home early for lunch saying his elbow was really hurting, he turned his nose up at the lunch I made. GRR!! Typical male I think??

Anyway the bus was late, had I been smart I would of just told dh to get the kids on the bus when I saw him come home and left then. So the bus was late, I had to be at the dr.'s office in Kearney at 1:00. The bus comes at 12:15 (usally) today it was almost 12:25. Jumped in my car and drove the 45 minutes to Kearney, was 10 minutes late for my appt. The dr came in 20 minutes later (now it's 1:30) didn't even look at my elbow (I have psoriasis..fuckin' yea..) gave me a script and said "come back if it doesn't work" and left. Went to the hell-hole Walmart (again had I been thinking I should of gone to Walgreens) got the script filled (took 25's now 2:05 now). Jumped in the car and flew home.

Kids & I played outside when they got home from school in the beautiful 45° weather, though it was a tad windy. Dh left for his Hunders Education Class (he's teaching) and the kids & I went to the grocery store.

Before we left for the store my mom called and told me one of her co-workers daughter died the young age of 40 from a heart attack. Like David Letterman said tonight "Just because you get through today, doesn't mean you have tomorrow too." Everyday is a gift.

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