March 26, 2006

Is there life after "mom"?

Well before I get into that thought provoking question I should update what happened on Wednesday at the boys meeting.

It ended up not being an IEP meeting, because my boys therapist couldn't attend. So we'll be having another meeting in May for the actual IEP. We ended up having a sit down meeting and just going over how the boys have changed this last school year. They've made some great progress! It was decided that the boys (and Abby) will be attending another year of preschool next year..and it sounds like they ALL will be going to the same school they are going now! YEA! I was (and am) sooo happy!!! I still have my fingers crossed, but things did sound pretty promising when I left the meeting on wednesday.

And one more positive note-----WYATT IS POTTY TRAINED!! It all of a sudden clicked for him this week! I am offically DONE with diapers and pull-ups!!

Now on to my title question. Is there life after being mom? Last night I had a dream about a very, very dear online friend of mine that I lost touch with about 4 years ago (right about the time my life started going crazy). I woke up this morning with a heavy burden on my heart and just felt like I needed to share this dream with her. I emailed her, having not spoken to her in years I figured the email would come back as undeliverable..thinking maybe she no longer had internet, maybe switched servers, etc. What a suprise I had when several hours later I got a return email from her. She shared what was going on in her life, how much she has missed me, etc. I sent another email to her telling her what was going on here, how much I also missed her, etc. Then I felt like I had nothing to add. Before I had kids her & I would sit online and chat for hours (and I mean HOURS) and since she lives in Australia and the time difference we'd talk most of the night (morning for her) and 1/2 of the day (night for her) while I was at work. We never ran out of things to talk about. Now I feel like I can't contribute to anything beyond how the kids are.

Im in a few email groups, parenting groups, reading groups and a couple friend to friend groups. I can talk in my parenting & reading groups, but I feel so inadequate in my friend to friend groups.

Why is that? Is there life after being "mom"? How can I get back into the living and become a "friend" again?

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