April 10, 2010

Beautiful Day!!!

24 Hour Read-a-thon

This has been a big talk at bookobsessed for the last couple of weeks ( bookobsessed is a place I hang out with my book friends, please come check us out if you're a bookworm!!). I really hope in a couple years that this 24 hour book a thon is still going on because I would definately LOVE to participate, but since I have 3 adorable kids right now there is no way I could spend 24 hours doing nothing but reading. But like I said..in a couple of years. But in the meantime Im enjoying cheering on the lucky ones who are spending the next 24 in bed/couch/deck chair/ect. reading. I am extremely jealous!!

On the home front, Blaine is recovering from strep and fighting taking his meds. So he's definately feeling better. Wyatt woke up this morning coughing up junk from his lungs and has a horribe runny nose. But as I sit here watching the wind gently blow the leaf buds on our maple tree and listening to my neighbor's lawn mower I know that spring is here.

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Tunks said...

Wow a 24hr readaton! that sounds like quite the thing!