March 27, 2010

My dad is visting!

And it's great to have him here! Why am I online if he's here? Because he's napping! Hey it's a looong drive from his house to mine. So while he's napping I finally uploaded the pictures off my digital camera..all 150 pictures! YIKES!! Here are a few of my favorites.

First is just a cute picture of Abby. Just looking all Abbyish. This was taken in December 2009, right after Christmas.

That is Abby on top of the snow pile at the end of our road, right in front of our house. The kids spent hours on this hill and it was great because I could watch them from the front window. I couldn't even tell you how big this pile was, Im horrible when it comes to estimating height. But I can say it was huge, HUGE.

This is the same above mentioned snow pile. Last week the kids & I drove all over our little town looking for any left over snow (besides what was in front of our house) and we found none. This was the last snow left in town. So we took a picture of the kids on top of it. The pile is completely melted now, gone, nothing left.

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